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Before we begin, the most important direction is #6. FAILURE TO OPT SOMEONE OUT WHO REQUESTS IT HAS LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS! Thanks for being careful with it!

  1. Log into ThruText at: and log in with your username/password. (You should have received invitation to join in your email).
  2. Once you log in you will see your assignments. You will hit send on all of your messages (refer to video from email for “how to”.) (NOTE: if for some reason there first name isn’t appearing, just delete it and you can simply say “Hi.”)
  3. Once you have sent all your initial messages, your inbox will populate with replies on your screen.
  4. When someone replies, please see if one of the recommended replies matches their response. If no rec. reply is fitting, we empower you to send a follow-up reply that seems appropriate. We pay for each text we send so please reflect if it warrants a reply. You can also use a recommended reply but modify it slightly before hitting send.
  5. Please fill out the “Survey Questions” in order to canvass this person. To know how to fill in their data
  • WHEN do I answer each survey question? Answer:
  • “How likely is __________ to support Liz?” whenever you have information gauging their support for a specific candidate.
    Please estimate knowing that:
  • 1= explicit yes for Liz
  • 2= likely lean Liz
  • 3= undecided
  • (2’s and 3’s will be called again).
  • 4 and 5 are likely LEAN SARAH

  • Canvass Results” under the following situations:
  • Hostile: If the person does not ask to be opted out but seems angry about being texted.
  • Do Not Text: Opt-out does the same thing but you can also click this as a backup.
  • Wrong Number: If the person tells you you are texting the wrong number. Do not opt out, just mark as “wrong number.”
  • Do not call: If someone asks to be “deleted entirely” “removed from the list”

6. If someone asks to “be removed from the list” or “please stop texting me” please hit the “OPT OUT” button. This will ensure they receive no future communications from us — and ensure we are legally complying. Once someone is OPTED OUT they will receive a follow up message saying they are opted out, and then will receive no further communications. Only opt someone out if they give this response. If they are not voting for Liz, or are not voting THESE ARE NOT GROUNDS TO OPT OUT. Just canvas them as such.

When to send an opt out message?

If they explicitly ask to be “removed from the list” please opt out and send an opt out confirmation message.

If they say “stop” or are very hostile, please opt out without sending message (uncheck the message box).

7. You will see you have a few hundred conversations when you start. Whenever you are done with your hour, send me a text or email and I will reassign your conversations to someone else!

8. After you have dealt with the conversation and it is closed, i.e. you have answered survey questions and replied if necessary, then you can archive the conversation.



  1. Log in at: with the log-in information provided to you via email.
  2. You will see this screen when you log in:

3. Click on start conversation

4. To send texts quickly and most efficiently, click and hold down on “Send+New”- this will send out texts in large masses pulled the individual names.

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