Liz Berry

elect Black womenJune 3, 2020

We cannot remain silent anymore.

We cannot stand by while Black people are harassed, killed and forgotten in this country time and time again.

Many of you know that one of my greatest passions is electing more women to public office. As President of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, I helped to recruit, train and elect literally hundreds of women in our state. We established a training for women of color by women of color with the belief that our democracy should be representative of the people it serves.

Yesterday, in memory of the Black people who we have lost to police misconduct and systemic racism, I made a personal donation to Persist PAC.

Persist PAC is working to triple the number of Black women in the Washington State Legislature this year, including adding the only Black legislator to the State Senate.

We all must use our privilege to amplify the need for justice. I am proud to use this platform to spotlight these accomplished Black women running for office. It’s our responsibility to do more.

Please consider making a meaningful contribution, if you are able, to Persist PAC today.

In a world crying out for justice, electing these progressive Black women to office will be just one step in that direction.

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