Liz Berry

Liz Berry will fight to end gun violenceJuly 7, 2020

by former Rep. Gabby Giffords

What do you think it will take to end gun violence? 

After I recovered from being shot in the head in 2011, I devoted my life to saving lives from gun violence, so I know something about what it takes. It takes great courage from elected leaders who are not afraid to stand up to the corrupt gun lobby. 

I am so proud that my dear friend Liz Berry is one of those leaders.

I know the horror of gun violence all too well, and I know what it takes to change policy and challenge injustice. Liz has the courage and tenacity to be an outspoken leader in Olympia. 

Liz was my Legislative Director when I served in Congress. Her experience and personal passion are unmatched. I know she won’t stop fighting until we have eradicated our gun violence crisis.

I am so confident in Liz’s ability to be the leader we need that I flew to Seattle from Arizona to speak at the campaign kick-off. Join me in putting the gun lobby on notice that Washingtonians have the courage to fight for lifesaving gun laws.

Together we will make the world a safer place.

All my best,
Gabby Giffords

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