Liz Berry

One month as a State RepresentativeFebruary 12, 2021

It’s been one month since the start of the legislative session when I began my new role as a Washington State Representative. I thought it might be fun to share a little of what has been keeping me busy – very, very busy!

I am the proud prime sponsor of nine bills. And I am a cosponsor of 173! This seems like a lot, but many bills have dozens of cosponsors. For example, my bill that will expand Washington’s Paid Family & Medical Leave program has 23 cosponsors. Cosponsoring legislation demonstrates support (often bipartisan) and increases the likelihood of its passage.

I have attended 39 committee meetings. As Vice Chair of the Labor and Workplace Standards Committee, I have led 14 hearings. My favorite part of these meetings is when we hear testimony from citizen advocates and members of the public. Personal stories about how a proposed law may impact someone’s life is a constant reminder of how deeply impactful our work is for families across Washington State.

60-80 constituents reach out to our office every day to comment on a bill or ask for assistance. It’s no surprise that the majority of those emails and calls have been related to the COVID-19 vaccine and we are working hard to respond to all requests as efficiently as possible. The highlight of my days are always meeting with constituents. Meetings are shortened to 15 minutes and I’m always amazed by how much we can cover in such a short period of time! 

Thank you again for your faith in me to do this work. This is an incredible job and it’s truly an honor to serve. Be sure to keep in touch throughout the session by contacting me at [email protected]. I always love hearing from you.

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