Liz Berry

Taking a deep breathOctober 17, 2020

It’s been a tough week on the campaign, and many times in the last 96 hours, I have had to pause, take a deep breath, and recenter myself on the reasons I decided to run for office. 

It would have been a much tougher week had it not been for your support. Thank you!

On Wednesday, my Democratic opponent sent a false and misleading mailpiece to tens of thousands of families in the 36th District accusing me of supporting a domestic terrorist. I pledged not to respond with a return attack, and I am sticking to that pledge. That is why it is so meaningful that hundreds of friends, leaders, and progressive organizations have spoken out.

And I am honored to tell you that State Representative Noel Frame, and my future seat-mate (fingers-crossed), has announced her support of our campaign!

Many of you have emailed, called, texted, donated and even sent handwritten notes of support. Thank you, those gestures and messages have bolstered me and reminded me, again and again, that there are thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder with me on this journey to the Washington State House. 

Thursday, more than fifteen well respected statewide organizations including Fuse WashingtonPlanned Parenthood, the Firefighters, and the WA State Nurses Association issued a powerful statement restating their support of our campaign:

“We have worked with Liz for years in her role as a nonprofit executive director of WSAJ, largest civil justice advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest…to protect injured workers, hold accountable unscrupulous employers and negligent corporations, and fight discrimination and abuse…Liz has also devoted her time and energy to supporting women and people of color candidates in races for state and local offices. She has worked to ensure that under-represented communities have the skills and network to run for office and serve their communities. Liz has worked to literally make our democracy stronger.”

It’s a privilege to have supporters like you who will stand up for what is right. I cannot say it enough, thank you for your support and your faith in me to hold elected office. You got me through the most challenging week of the campaign. 

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