Liz Berry

What is missing? #36thSpotsAugust 23, 2022

Can you believe we are only ten weeks away from the November election? 

You have heard me say what an honor it is to serve the 36th legislative district. Together, we are building a movement of progressive, pragmatic leadership – we know how to get things done! 

We’ve passed 8 bills during the past two legislative sessions including banning homemade, untraceable ‘ghost guns’; expanding access to our state’s historic Paid Family & Medical Leave program; cleaning up toxic PFAS chemicals in our products; first-in-the-nation legislation to give rideshare drivers minimum wage and benefits; and prohibiting the use of non-disclosure and settlement agreements that silence workers.

And we delivered millions of dollars to homegrown projects like Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center and Aurora Commons that make a lasting impact.

It’s also been two years of deepening friendships and partnerships with the organizations, businesses, neighborhood groups and residents that are a part of our remarkable community. Along the way we’ve been tracking my visits using an online map. I continue to be inspired by the diversity and innovation blossoming in every corner of the district. 

From Ballard and Queen Anne to Magnolia and Greenwood, there are more than 150,000 of us that live, work and play in the 36th district. If you have a suggestion on where I should go next, tweet me using the hashtag #36thSpots or send me an email
November’s general election is about delivering on our vision of progressive, pragmatic leadership focused on getting things done for all Washingtonians. 

Thank you for standing with me every step of the way. See you on the campaign trail!

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